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05-Dec-2019 17:04

I love the BE100, don't get me wrong, but the JJ is just a tad bit better overall.

Lots of BE talk lately, but crickets chirping on the JJ.

_________________Mi J Ibanez RG520QS w/ Di Marzio X2NBOSS Katana Head w/ Roland GA-FCCRATE Stealth-50 ( retired to the closet )Peavey 412M cab w/ Celestion G12K-85Roland CUBE-30FURMAN RP-8LBC Rich NJ-series Iron Bird (1986)MXR 10-band EQt.c.

The immediacy of its touch response and sensitivity, the overtones, the bloom, the articulation, I was gobsmacked (oddly enough I've never written that word before - least to the best of my recollection, and am not even 100% sure it means what I'm intending it to mean, but basically the amp fucking laid me OUT with HOLYSHITNESS!!!

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You should be careful, you JUST got that Katana and now you're looking for a JJ...??

We have the worst Friedman dealer up here in my area as they only have the small combo amps in stock.

You don't need a SLAX, when you already found "your perfect tone"!You're stoked on the first one right outta the gate, and then whaddya know, similar lines, different style and flavour - boom - two's better than one I'm jazzed - but not even watching the tracking as I'm pretty stoked with the JJ and what it's offering (along with my XYC, Sheevs, Atma, yada yada...hellfire I have had a duel between the Twin Jet and JJ - nice surprise?

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